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About FCEA

Since 1997, The Family Centered Educational Agency has served thousands of community residents annually. Funding for our agency supports both the core operations and education based services which include: college preparation and tutoring and financial literacy. These services are offered to our clients free of charge.

Our Mission

FCEA’s mission is to provide education to families through holistic community/economic development, and direct human services, while providing capacity building to the organizations which serve them.

Our success is due to the valuable partnerships we’ve established with local agencies, school districts, and businesses. You can partner with us by embracing our mission and participating in our growth—growth that has produced the following outcomes:

In the fiscal year 2022-2023, staff members provided more than 89,024 services to students, community residents, and other adults

More than 1500 families received financial literacy training and information

901 high school graduates

3,087 TRIO students served

766 students enrolled in post-secondary education

For more information on our activities for FY 2018-19, please refer to our Annual Report located on our Donations Page.

OSERS’ Office of Special Education Programs
FCEA Trio programs are federally funded by the US Department of Education.

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Meet Our Chicago Team

Dr. Jonathan McKenzie

Latia Cooper

Administrative Assistant

Tasha Johnson

Director of Upward Bound Senior Program – Thornridge, Thornton, & Thornwood H.S.

Gabrielle Dillon

Director of Talent Search Programs – Thornridge, Thornton, & Thornwood H.S.

Ja'Maya Hawkins

Assistant Director of Upward Bound-Englewood

Deandra Stokes

Content Creator Specialist

Taylor Reese

Program Coordinator of Talent Search Program – Thornwood H.S.

Patrick Sheard

Program Coordinator Talent Search Program – Thornridge H.S.

Lyrica Blake

Outreach Specialist for Upward Bound Rising Program at Thornwood H.S.

Ashley Patterson

Jamal Hawkins

Director of Upward Bound Promise & Awesome Program – Thornridge H.S. & Englewood

Director of Educational Opportunity Centers Program – Englewood

Daniel McKenzie

Director of Media & Online Content

Keely Odem

Director of Upward Bound Rising Program – Thornwood H.S.

Ricardo Torres

Outreach Specialist of Upward Bound – Thornridge H.S.

Jayla Broomfield

Program Coordinator of EOC Englewood

Pamela McKenzie

Grants Accounting & HR Manager

Stephanie Rodriguez

Coordinator of Upward Bound Senior Thornton H.S. 

Kayla Broomfield

Saleel Fobbs

Outreach Specialist for Talent Search Program Thornridge & Thornton H.S  

Meet Our Corpus Christi Team

What Our Partners & Parents Are Saying

“Our school’s partnership with FCEA has been integral in providing opportunities for our students that in many cases we as a school and/or students’ families would not normally be able to provide. Through FCEA’s support, Thornridge students have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships. Our students have broadened their horizons through college visits and other FCEA conferences. FCEA has assisted our parents in applying for financial aid. Finally, FCEA staff work within our school as another set of caring adults for our students. Thank you to FCEA for being an awesome partner in our work educating the students of Thornton Township.”

Brad Belifuss, Division Leader for Social Studies & Fine Arts, Thornridge High School

“FCEA is an excellent organization serving students to obtain the necessary tools to obtain a higher education. The Upward Bound program helped my daughter in many ways such as helping her to enroll in Dual Credit and Regular college courses during her sophomore year of High School. As a result, she had 15 credit hours completed before starting her Freshman year
of college!”

Annette Cooper, Parent of Former Upward Bound Student