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EDMENTUM™ Exact Path

Exact Path is an online learning program from Edmentum which targets each learner’s academic strengths and needs to prescribe a custom playlist of lessons and activities. Students can earn rewards and monitor their progress each step of the way.

Access EDMENTUM™ Exact Path From Home!
This year, we are using an online learning program from Edmentum called Exact Path. This exciting digital tool begins by targeting each learner’s academic strengths and needs, then prescribes a tailored playlist of lessons and activities just right for them. Students can earn rewards and monitor their progress each step of the way. Your child will be using this program at school, but he or she can also continue their learning at home.

Where can my child find their work?
After taking a reading, language arts, or math assessment, your child will receive a unique learning path. Within a learning path, no more than four skills will display at once. Each skill will include a variety of activities that could consist of instruction, practice, and a quiz. Icons will indicate where your child can begin working, continue where he or she has last left off, or review completed work.

How will their learning path change as they keep working?
After completing the skills that are displayed in your child’s learning path, a short Progress check will be unblocked. This quiz will assess your child’s understanding of the skills he or she just learned and determine if additional review is needed or if your child can move ahead to more advanced material.

Where can my child see their progress?
A rewards area will show any trophies or badges your child has earned for their work in the program. After completing a Progress Check, your child can earn a trophy for every skill they master (score of 4 out of 5) or perfect (score of 5 out of 5). Additionally, any challenges created by your child’s teacher(s) will also display. These tasks encourage students to work for a set amount of time or earn a set number of trophies in order to collect a challenge badge.

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